Skype Counseling


    1. If you wish to come for a skype counseling, first step is to send a mail to or call 9447008880 or send text messsge with details of the person who want to come for skype session ( as per the format in this website) to fix the date and time of Skype counseling.
    2. Appointment will be given according to the convenience of Psychiatrist. usual time slots will be from 6 AM to 8 A M and 8 to 9 PM ( Indian time) from Monday to Thursday
    3. Call 10-15  minutes before the appointment time to reconfirm and get ready
    4. Psychiatrist will wait for you in skype once you call before 10 minutes of the allotted time

    Professional Fees

    1. Professional fees will be Rs. 1000/- for one hour session which has to be remitted to the Paytm account of 0091 9447008880 one day before Skype counseling. The details of remittance to be mailed in the above mailing ID /or message to the mobile number

    Cancellation Policy

    1. In case the counseling is cancelled from our side the remitted fee will be refunded. But if the individual cancels the appointment /or could not reach in skype for any reasons the amount will not be refunded.


    1. Appear in skype on sharp time as per the fixed appointment.


    1. The information provided by you will not be shared with any one except for legal matters ,if situation arises
    2. Legal limitations are applicable.
    3. Follow up discussions over mobile phone will not entertained
    4. This is not a medical /Psychiatry consultation
    5. No prescription will be issued to those who reach in skype for counseling
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